1. Themar International School is a community in which academic excellence and moral understanding rooted in Islamic values, can be achieved & maintained.
  2. Our main objective is to deliver educational excellency for our students in order to have perfect kids in both Arabic and English with a strong Islamic background and Quran memorization.
  3. Your kid will have an authentic educational experiences and hands on learning with Themar.
  4. The classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with smart boards.
  5. The school has a security camera system for a safer environment.
  6. Small class room numbers, each classroom has maximum 15 child. We care for our kids health and understanding through different sessions.
  1. The school has three sections International, Language/national and Arabic with high level English section. Our school follows American curriculums in English, Math and science for International section. We follow a CCSS (Common Core State standards) Reading/Language arts curriculum.
  2. Our school covers the Egyptian formal math and Science in language section via international syllabus.
  3. Our school follows The Egyptian formal Math and Science in Arabic sections.

1. Quran

  1. In Themar we believe that Quran is the most important thing to be learned, accordingly we offer intensive Quran memorizing programs on a daily basis. Our school follows a differentiated learning methodology upon which we categorize students according to their level so they attend in appropriate classes.

2. Arabic

  1. Arabic is our mother tongue and as part of our solicitude for Arabic, we offer a strong course which is “Nour El- Bian”. In this course we prepare kids to read and write Arabic fluently in early stages.

3. English

  1. Due to its importance in scientific and practical life, our English department offers English classes that are fun and full of activities. Our school improves students’ linguistic skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. We improve the kid’s conversational English through daily practice.
  2. Following a differentiated reading methodology, we offer kids’ reading selections that are appropriate for their level which helps them improve in their appropriate pace.

4. Using Montessori

  1. We follow Montessori educational program That covers six Learning corners
    • Practical life skills.
    • Sensorial.
    • Social.
    • Science and culture.
    • Mathematics.
    • Language arts.
  2. Montessori programs start from 18 months old to 9 years old (grade 3). We apply Montessori classes for Math, Science, English and practical life, targeting all learning styles for kids specially sensorial learning.

5. Islamic studies programs

  1. We offer our kids a simplified Islamic studies curriculum that includes Aqiedah, Fiqh, Hadieth, and Azkar. These programs are connected to the character building programs, through which the kids learn Islamic values and the good behavior expected from them.

6. Character building and skills development

  1. In this program we present the Islamic values and morals to our students through an interactive curriculum that’s full of activities and interesting stories. Besides, we focus in separate sessions on developing the different skills of the children.
  1. Being a leading International school that provides a distinguished and advanced educational service while maintaining our identity and culture.
  1. Building intellectual open minded Muslims able to face challenges by planting Islamic ethics to harvest strong nation (Umma) who behold Islam in their hearts and present it properly to the world.
  2. Bringing up students who have pride in their religion and their culture, furthermore, being able to apply their talents to every aspect of their lives.
  3. Preparing for your child's future by caring for the quality of education and child's care.